In 1988 Lucio Porchiazzo formed Mould International of which he was the sole owner. For 8 years, Mould International was responsible for all injection and Blow moulds of the Bichler Industries of the Harwill Industries Group. In 1998 Bichler Industries relocated to Phillipi from Parow Industrial where they have been sharing premises with Mould International. Bichler Industries offered to purchase ownership of Mould International their sole mould maker however Lucio Porchiazzo decided against relocation and established Mould Shop (Pty) Ltd in 1996.

Lucio recognized the need for a consistent and trusted associate with whom he could look to expand the company and for this reason David Oppel was given shares in the business, an experienced toolmaker in his employ. The two shareholders relocated their company to own Building in Bellville South in 1997 and progressively grew their business.

In 2000 Ashley Wassung joined the team as designer and was later given shares in the business. This synergy of like-minded individuals propelled Mould Shop to its current level of production, which it enjoys today. The Application of merging with individuals and forming an irreplaceable bond for the greater good has ensured it withstands the test of time whilst its peers have progressively been forced to close shops around them.

In keeping with this business philosophy, Mould Shop has again expanded and moved to its new premises in 4th street Montague Gardens Milnerton Cape Town. The premises was earmarked not only to reduce lead time, but also to create a vehicle from which Mould Shop can expand its business operations and form close alliances with a reputable established companies. The facility will also provide a venue dedicated solely towards training and development of existing employees as well as learners.


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